Three Volcanoes

On this extreme fundraiser I experienced Mt. Etna, Mt. Stromboli and Mt.Vulcano over a period of days.


  • Started to climb an erupting Mt. Etna 3350m
  • Experienced extreme volcanic activity on the crater edge of Mt. Stromboli
  • Danger as an erupting Sulphur vent discharges deadly Sulphur dioxide gas on Mt.Vulcano


As I started to climb Mt. Etna there were several very loud explosions, seconds later I had red hot rocks crashing down all around me. This was followed by a stream of molten lava pouring down towards me.


Within seconds of reaching the crater edge of Mt. Stromboli there was a sound like a jet engine and a vent shot molten lava up 400ft. that rained down on me.


The caldera floor of Mt. Vulcano was filling with deadly sulphur dioxide gas giving me only seconds to get out.

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