Halo jump

Take a look at my amazing HALO jump

What is it ?

In England you can tandem sky dive 10/12,000ft. In Australia you can jump from 20/22,000ft. This wasn’t enough for me. My stepson who was in the American military told me about a H.A.L.O. (High Altitude Low Opening) jump that the American’s invented for war. With a combined group of SAS/American Forces they flew into enemy territory in an unpressurised plane at 30,000ft (above radar). From above the target the soldiers change from inboard oxygen supply to a two min in suit emergency oxygen cylinder where they were dropped at 180/200 mph through radar for two mins at -40ºC, landing with precision accuracy.

This was more my cup of tea, after all I was only 70!

The Risks

The requirements and risks to be considered were…….
1. No blood donated in past month.
2. No surgery in past 18 months.
3. Decompression sickness (‘Bends’) owing to rapid ascent up to 30,000ft. (‘Death Zone’).
4. Oxygen failure in Death Zone. Only 30 seconds to live.
5. Hypoxia. Lack of oxygen in blood.
6. Sky Diving at 30,000ft is very risky. YOU COULD DIE.

I signed a ‘Release of Liability’ Form and off I went. However…… IF I lived I will have achieved the highest tandem sky dive in the world at 30,000ft..

Take a look at my amazing H.A.L.O jump from 30,000ft at the ripe young age of 70.

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