GWR 2013

This was my first ever bungee jump!!

The Premise

At the ripe old age of 71, I stood balanced on the edge of a 6x4ft open cage. I was about to take the jump of my life trusting in just the team around me, a piece of elastic tied tightly around my ankles and my own ability. The record to beat was 164ft. I was going in at 380ft.

380ft is the equivalent to a 38 floor block of flats, 27 double decker buses on top of each other or the statue of Liberty with 4½ double decker buses on the top, or for you wealthy folk 71 Rolls Royce Phantoms on top of one another.

The Jump

The count down began….
There was a gentle push in the centre of my back…..

I slowly tipped forward until……..
What is it like to bungee 380ft into water?

Take a look at Officially amazing video on CBBC TV and pictures.

Built and designed by 07 Heaven Design