Kilimanjaro / Borneo / Mt Kinabalu


While discussing forthcoming retirement and charity work with a friend, I without thinking offered to climb Kilimanjaro for the friends children’s charity.
“Wow yes that would be fantastic thank you!”

I stood there in a daze, was I mad? what had I just done? Kilimanjaro! What, where, how, when?

Every question raced through my mind, I looked up on the net….. Kilimanjaro, 19,340 ft. Takes five days to climb with temperatures as high as 45ºC and down to -15ºC at the summit. I had never even seen a mountain let alone climbed one! Eight months later my local paper reported “Taxi Driver raises £10,000 for charity”.


Home to the Iban tribe of head hunters, I stayed with the Iban tribe for approximately a week. Hunting, fishing and jungle craft was part of my daily routine. They are supposed to be Ex head hunters, but …

The following  day I visited the Mulu caves and then climbed up the pinnacles, these are a collection of 45 meter high limestone needles that cling to the side of Fire mountain.

Mt. Kinabalu

4096 Mt (13,438 ft) this was a breath taking climb up to the summit of one of Asia’s highest peaks.

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